Woman Sentenced to 15-Month Jail Term for Stealing Over $200,000 Using Victims’ Patient Data

A woman was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for being involved in a plan to defraud patients of a medical clinic based in Metairie, LA.

In 2015, three persons were captured in association with the scheme investigated by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office located in New Orleans together with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Both 37-year-old Brandon Livas and 32-year-old Royale Lassai of New Orleans, LA pled guilty to a one-count Bank Larceny Bill of Information last July 2019 for their involvement in the scam. 41-year-old Ashley Green also pled guilty in August 2021 to one-count Bank Larceny Bill of Information.

Lassai, Ashley Green’s cousin, worked as a clerk at a medical clinic in Metairie, LA where she was given access to patient files to carry out her work responsibilities. Lassai viewed the health records of patients with no authorization and gave patient data including names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses to Green and Livas, who is Green’s then-boyfriend. Lassai allegedly received a $1,000 gift card as payment and received about $150 worth of products for the theft of the patient information.

Green and Livas utilized the data to get in touch with the victims’ banks and asked for debit cards using the names of the victims. After the debit cards were delivered to Green’s home address, Green and Livas used them to withdraw approximately $200,000 from the bank accounts of the victims at Capital One and Whitney. The two additionally purchased products and utilized the stolen money to travel on a getaway. Livas was earlier sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for his part in the plan and Lassai was sentenced to probation for 3 months.

Besides the 15-month imprisonment term, Green will have 3 years of monitored release and was directed to give $205,863 as compensation to the victims.

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