Mission: Helping Organizations with HIPAA Compliance

The calHIPAA team aim to provide helpful advice in an unambiguous format that helps businesses and organizations better understand their compliance obligations and enables informed decisions about how to meet them.

Editorial Policy

The team responsible for creating the site´s content has many years’ experience interpreting the language of HIPAA for Covered Entities, Business Associates, and technology companies offering solutions for the healthcare industry. We believe we have a full understanding of the legislation, and the skills to make it understandable for business and organizations unfamiliar with HIPAA.

Understanding what constitutes HIPAA compliance does not have to be complicated – nor does complying with the legislation itself. All that is required is an informative and understandable source of relevant information at your fingertips. That is what we aim to provide when we write content for Calculated HIPAA. We hope we have achieved that objective.

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Christine Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

Christine Garcia is the staff writer on Calculated HIPAA. Christine has several years experience in writing about healthcare sector issues with a focus on the compliance and cybersecurity issues. Christine has developed in-depth knowledge of HIPAA regulations. You can contact Christine at [email protected]. You can follow Christine Garcia on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ChrisCalHIPAA

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