What You Need to Know About Password Managers for MSPs

Password managers for MSPs are used for securing the credentials of a business or client. Passwords are stored in a secure user vault. Every time a user goes to a website for which he/she has saved a password in the vault, the login form will be auto-filled with the saved credentials. In case a user by mistake clicks a URL in a phishing email and lands on a bogus phishing site, the sign-in form will not auto-fill, so the user would be alerted to a likely threat.

What are client password vaults?

When you use a multi-platform password manager instead of an operating system manager or browser manager, login credentials are kept in a vault. The vault can be accessed by users or clients through the website, an application, or a browser extension. A master password they created will be required to access the vault. Clients only need to remember this password when using a password manager.

Can you make password policies that force password changes?

Forced password modifications are not deemed a good idea since users are inclined to alter passwords in an expected manner (such as password2021 to password2022). In case the first password was compromised, it is very likely the new password will likewise be compromised. As a result, many password managers avoid giving this option.

How do you know if a current password was compromised?

Various password managers deal with this in varied ways. A few will alert you instantly when any of your passwords is found in a data breach. Some require running a report to check for breached passwords and to check breached email addresses, payment information, and other sensitive data as well.

Can a password manager check the strength of current passwords?

Given passwords are stored in the password manager. Running a report will assess the strength of the passwords based on the criteria you designate (such as, at least 12 characters, a minimum of one special character, and so on.). When your passwords aren’t stored in the password manager, they can be quickly imported in a variety of ways and then you can run the report.

Are Provider Portals for MSPs included in all password managers?

Not yet at this time. Although a number of password managers provide MSPs custom-made administration consoles, some offer a dedicated Provider Portal that distinguishes business credentials against client credentials. Although this scenario could change later on when password managers and their functionalities develop, it isn’t best to put off using a good password manager.


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