Upgrade of the Atlantic.Net Back-Office Significantly Offers Better Performance and Overall Customer Service

Atlantic.net in Orlando, Florida made statements concerning big changes that will help improve its performance, make its billing more accurate, and allow it to deliver better overall customer assistance.

The hosting provider currently provides its clients with the Ubersmith business management software suite. This state-of-the-art back-office software suite allows the use of about 50 subscriptions, billing, customer support, and device management systems into a single system. Business processes that usually require 7-14 days to finish can be done now in just one day.

Simplifying internal procedures allows the easier handling of customer support concerns. The new system of Atlantic.net cuts the time to resolve support concerns by 50% and to raise the over usage of customers billing by 55%. With this system, employees only need to learn one system instead of many saving many hours and resources. Taking out repetitive systems and enhancing operational efficiency will have a positive impact on the growth of income.

With the Ubersmith system, its integrated software programs can be customized to quickly manage subscription payment, ticketing, infrastructure management, and order management. The modular software program is quite flexible. Its functions may be extended using the API supplied by Ubersmith and the software development kit that other areas of the business use.

The Ubersmith APIs allow the merging with other systems in order to handle payments, security certificates, accounting, domain registration, etc. Ubersmith is now having more Salesforce so that Atlantic.net could make all its customer quotes, sales, and prospecting activities be under one system.

With the complete integration of the Ubersmith software program, Atlantic.net can achieve high levels of work performance, employee productivity, and give better customer service.

Atlantic.Net has done an excellent job at utilizing all the features of the Ubersmith’s operations and infrastructure software program for business management. Ubersmith is pleased to be of service to the growth and expansion of Atlantic in the sector of cloud services and hosting.

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