TitanHQ’s Exceptional Accomplishment in the MSP Market and Its Latest ‘Margin Maker for MSPs’ Program

TitanHQ, a provider of cloud security, has seen an exceptional increase in quarter three of 2019, having the most bustling quarter for its MSP enterprise all through its 20+ year history.

The company grew into the leading provider of cloud-based e-mail and internet security solutions for managed service providers of small and medium-sized businesses. Initially, the firm provided anti-spam devices to local organizations in Galway, Ireland. At this time, TitanHQ is an international web-based network security solutions provider of many SMBs and MSPs.

Well over 8,200 businesses around the world utilize the company’s primary cloud-based network security solutions, such as ArcTitan email archiving, SpamTitan email security and WebTitan DNS filtering. The firm currently has above 2,200 MSP partners.

TitanHQ’s success in the sectors of OEM, MSP, and service providers could be traced back to various parameters. Many other businesses have only considered MSPs after establishing products, with additional functionality included to appeal to the MSP industry. TitanHQ continually focuses on MSPs when it comes to its security solutions advancement.

TitanHQ’s pricing policy is clear and versatile with incredibly competitive margins to offer profits to MSPs by giving TitanHQ’s principal cloud-based network security solutions to their customers and grow their business.

Whenever MSPs join the TitanShield partner program, they get extensive sales and marketing assistance. Each MSP is designated with engineers, an account manager, and remarkably competent support staff to ensure success. Considering the ease of helping its partners attain success, TitanHQ has received huge returns.

The achievements in quarter three of 2019 will likely continue up to quarter four with the launch of a new sales venture. The Quarter 4 strategy is reasonably called Margin Marker for MSPs, which is an encompassing price plan covering email and web security systems.

TitanHQ is offering a fantastic ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ email and web security bundle that protects email and the web, from cyberattacks like botnets, phishing attacks, spear phishing, ransomware and malware.

The bundle offer gives security and breach defense for MSPs, their employees, and their consumers, which is made available in two flexible private clouds to fulfill the demands of MSP partners. The offer is going to ensure that Q4 will be profitable for MSPs.

OpalIT, which is an MSP located in the U.K., presently enjoys the advantages of the new bundle. OpalIT is offering to its 6,000+ clients the three TitanHQ products, ArcTitan email archiving, WebTitan DNS filtering and SpamTitan email security.

OpalIT switched to TitanHQ because of the MSP distinct solutions, convenience of deployments, extensive APIs performance and the greater margin the business is currently producing.

To know more details about the Margin Maker for MSPs program and the TitanShield partner plan, it is a good idea for MSPs to see the TitanHQ team at its MSP activities in October and November.

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