The First Healthcare-Specific Professional Cybersecurity Certification Program in the United States

The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business introduced a special healthcare-specific professional cybersecurity certificate program. The professional leadership and educational program is the first healthcare targeted cybersecurity certification program to be made available in the U.S.A.

The Leadership in Healthcare Privacy and Security Risk Management program supports the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework and will give people in having the knowledge and leadership capabilities they need to efficiently handle cyber risks that the healthcare sector faces.

Statistics from the (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study show that the cybersecurity workforce gap is increasing and there will be 1.8 million vacant cybersecurity positions in 2022. The new certification program is going to help deal with that lack of qualified cybersecurity employees, which is hindering a lot of healthcare organizations’ initiatives to deal with privacy and security risks.

The new training course was designed in cooperation with the cybersecurity sector, healthcare privacy and security specialists, and government institutions and is centered on risk management in the healthcare sector. The course is designed to educate the required skills in cybersecurity, risk assessment, and problem-solving to meet the needs of healthcare firms, vendors in the healthcare field, and government bureaus.

The 8-week training course will equip learners with problem-solving skills and share the expertise of healthcare security technologies by means of sensible exercises and case studies. Knowledgeable healthcare technology educators and cross-sector privacy and security professionals will give tuition. The course includes multiple thematic modules to provide learners the key medical care and privacy & security information, processes to make certain of organizational safety and security, policies and governance in healthcare entities, leadership in healthcare and enterprise risk management, together with the practical use of healthcare privacy and security.

The training program will be continually updated depending on comments from members of the privacy and cybersecurity sector on real-world cyber threats to make the program updated and appropriate.

The Clearwater Compliance Texas Hospital Association, and CynergisTek, endorsed the new training program. This curriculum has included cybersecurity information so that the trainees will not only get themselves ready for a career in healthcare by mastering practical skills, but they know where cybersecurity is crucial and why they must comprehend it to be productive. We need more of these visionary programs if we want to solve this gap in cybersecurity capabilities.

The course is focused at seasoned professionals in cybersecurity, risk management, health IT, clinical professions, and information technology who are hoping to move into non-technical leadership jobs in healthcare privacy and security. The training program will begin in July 2020.

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