SpamTitan v7.00 Switch to Bitdefender For Primary Antivirus Engine

TitanHQ released SpamTitan v7.00, which is the new version of its cloud-based anti spam service. SpamTitan v7.00 has updated features that can protect users more effectively from malicious emails and known threats. It also includes patches to fix new vulnerabilities discovered in the ClamAV anti-virus engine.

One major change in SpamTitan v7.00 is the switch to Bitdefender as the provider of its primary anti-virus engine. The switch to the Roman-based antivirus company is just the beginning of a strategic partnership with the company. There will be more collaboration projects in the near future. ClamAV remains as the secondary antivirus engine for SpamTitan v7.00. Regarding previous releases of SpamTitan, TitanHQ confirmed the discontinuity of support for the old primary AV engine – Kaspersky AV – starting on May 1, 2018.

New customers that would sign up for SpamTitan will have SpamTitan v7.00. Existing customers have been informed about the update to SpamTitan v7.00. It will be available in their list of updates. Users need to manually check the updates on their user interface in case the prefetch option is disabled. Users who are still using SpamTitan versions 4 and 5 need to upgrade to the new version before May 1, 2018 because support for both versions will be discontinued. Updating the soonest is recommended for the best level of protection.

SpamTitan v7.00 fixes 7 vulnerabilities in ClamAV – CVE-2017-12374, CVE-2017-12375, CVE-2017-12376, CVE-2017-12377, CVE-2017-12378, CVE-2017-12379, and CVE-2017-12380. It also provides security updates for packages of openssl, openssh, php, and wget. The ClamAV version included is version 0.99.3 which addresses potential DoS attacks.

Current users of SpamTitan must read the release notes before updating versions. TitanHQ notes that users need to upgrade first to SpamTitan v6.15 before upgrading to v7.00. Cluster installations must have a patch applied to all notes in the cluster. It will take 10-20 minutes to complete the update. The device should not be rebooted during the update.

TitanHQ affirms its mission to provide secure, reliable and affordable security solutions to their partners and customers. The company continues to develop and release new products based on customer feedback and feature requests.

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