Ransomware Attack on Campbell County Health Caused Serious Interruption to Patient Services

A ransomware attack on Campbell County Health located in Gillette, WY resulted in the disablement of hospital systems, which prevented access to patient information. The attack began in early in the morning of September 20, 2019 as per the Department of Health.

Campbell County Health launched an investigation into the attack and attempted removing the ransomware, restoring encrypted records, and bringing systems back on the web; however, up to now, Campbell County Health is still experiencing major interruption to medical services.

According to Campbell County Health reports, the attack affected all of its systems. At this point, there is no evidence that suggests the unauthorized access or misuse of patient information.

The Walk-In Clinic, Emergency Department and Maternal Child (OB) department continue to be open and have the staff to triage and handle patients for treatment. Relocating patients to alternative facilities will be organized if required, and the County’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has extra ambulances to fulfill demand. Patients who are admitted at the hospital continue to be looked after and people who need a greater level of care are going to be moved to other centers.

Campbell County Health has informed the required authorities, including the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, regarding the cyberattack. At this point, it is still uncertain how the installation of the ransomware occurred, if it is possible to recover files, or the company will pay the ransom demand.

Campbell County Health is unable to give an ETA when services will go back to normal. The telephone system has just been brought back online. Additional information on the status of patient services is posted regularly on the website of Campbell County Health.

This ransomware attack is the most recent in a series of attacks on healthcare centers, municipalities, cities and government bureaus.

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