Private Equity Syndicate Acquires PhishMe and Rebrands as Cofense

PhishMe is the top provider of human phishing defense solutions that started its operations in 2007. It recently announced its change in branding beginning February 26, 2018 as it was acquired by a private equity syndicate for $400 million. PhishMe is now called Cofense.

Despite the announced changes, Cofense still aims to provide products and services that deal with the growing threat of phishing. Employees or the human element of organizations are considered a weak link in security that is often neglected. Cofense helps companies strengthen this link by improving their security defenses against phishing. This is done by training employees and doing phishing simulations. One of the important products that PhishMe also developed was a reporting platform that 2 million users have adopted. The firm also offers incident response and threat intelligence services.

The change in branding will be followed by a more comprehensive range of products and services. Cofense also plans to expand its line of products and services to include enterprise-wide attack detection, response and orchestration solutions. With the backing of the private equity syndicate and its financial support, Cofense will surely expand to reach the global market.

Rohyt Belani, Cofense co-founder and CEO, stated that the acquisition of PhishMe strengthens the alliance among the management team, employees and investors so that they could focus on building a strong and lasting company. With Cofense’s goal to help organizations everywhere to reinforce and their innovative products, the problem on active attacks around the world will have a real solution that works fast.

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