Observance of Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month This November

President Biden proclaimed November to be observed as Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month. It is a month focused on increasing understanding of the requirement to enhance critical infrastructure and toning up the strength of critical infrastructure to fight physical and cyber threats.

According to President Biden, the White House is committed to enhancing and strengthening critical infrastructure through constructing better roads, ports, and bridges; strengthening IT systems and cybersecurity throughout industries, which include election systems; protecting sources of food and water; shifting to clean energy; and fortifying all other critical infrastructure areas. In so doing, the foundation will be laid for long-lasting security and success.

One of the primary target areas is enhancing defenses and protecting critical infrastructure from malicious cyber activity. It has been confirmed by President Biden that his government will be creating clear international regulations in relation to cyberspace. In America, private companies own and operate the majority of critical infrastructure. Government organizations are working directly with owners and operators of critical infrastructure to increase toughness against cyberattacks.

In relation to this work, CISA has just publicized a collection of cybersecurity performance targets for critical infrastructure companies to direct their cybersecurity initiatives to enable them to attain minimum requirements for cybersecurity. President Biden has additionally rekindled the National Infrastructure Advisory Council to give recommendations on how to minimize physical and cyber threats and enhance the safety and toughness of the country’s critical infrastructure industries.

CISA is urging all critical infrastructure companies to make a move to enhance toughness to cyber threats this month of November. CISA wants all companies to improve their security plans by getting a much better knowledge of the unique challenges to their company and systems, performing tasks on their preparedness programs and updating them with the most current techniques and tactics, concentrating on means to reduce risks and build resilience on physical and cyber areas, and thinking of solutions to add strength as a foundational design element when updating or creating new critical infrastructure.

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