Mental Health Awareness Webinar Hosted by Rave Mobile Safety on June 18, 2019

Rave Mobile Safety is hosting a webinar on June 18, 2019 that seeks to give better understanding of mental health problems, the difficulties community members encounter in relation to mental health conditions, and how to keep an eye on mental health in daily operations.

A lot of healthcare experts, company owners, schools, and community members fully understand the value of staying proactive and enhancing awareness on mental health in the community, yet they are not sure what is the best way to deal with the concern.

The webinar is providing necessary information to initial responders, such as 9-1-1 call takers, school officials and other groups in the community to make a difference and improve connection and increase collaboration to help people in the community struggling with mental health problems.

Rave Mobile Security MPA, ENP and Vice President of Customer Success Noah Reiter hosted the webinar together with past Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

Police statistics show about 10% of all police phone calls involve people with mental health problems. David Brown is going to share information regarding the community policing that his department has taken to enhance mental health awareness. He will also talk about the advantages of this proactive strategy on the community.

While he was Dallas Police Chief, David Brown witnessed how crime was significantly reduced in the history of Dallas. Violent and non-violent crime rates fell to 50 and 40, respectively, the lowest in years. Shootings that involve officers went down by 40% and Dallas’ murder rate was the lowest in 80 years.

These developments became possible because of a better understanding of mental health problems and engagement in dialogues that bring about solutions.

Webinar attendees will learn how to improve working together with 9-1-1 call takers, the police force, first responders, school facilitators, and other community groups. Hopefully, they will proactively do their part to address and improve mental health awareness.

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