Magic Johnson and Channel All-Stars Speak in this Virtual MSP Event

There is an upcoming virtual event to be hosted on June 23, 2020 to assist managed service providers (MSPs) in facing the obstacles of operations during these difficult times.

COVID-19 has compelled companies in all market areas to make big adjustments. Though many businesses have been negatively affected by the pandemic, there were opportunities for development and revenue.

The Channel has been specifically strong so far and a lot of MSPs were able to acquire substantial growth momentum and, by aligning their companies to resolve the problems, they have enjoyed appreciable achievements.

At the MVP GrowthFest, MSPs are going to listen to 15 Channel All-Stars who are going to talk about their competence in helping MSPs be successful during these difficult times. The virtual event is going to feature 4 powerhouse teams of experts who are going to look into the present condition of the Channel, will discuss their observations, and give attendees essential, actionable tips concerning the steps that could be undertaken at this time to better satisfy the demands of their clients and speed up progress.

The event is going to feature an interview with NBA’s 3-time MVP Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr., who is going to talk about how he needed to conquer a lot of challenges all through his shining career, and how his achievement was not only because of talent but more importantly tenacity and dedication to the community.

The 3-hour virtual event will have four sessions as follows:

Session 1: Leading with Security through Education

Featured Guests:

  1. Conor Medden – Sales Director, TitanHQ
  2. Kevin Lancaster – CEO, ID Agent & GM Security, Kaseya
  3. Jon Murchison – CEO, BlackPoint Cyber
  4. Jessvin Thomas – President & CTO, SKOUT

Session 2: Managing Through Change

Featured Guests:

  1. Dan Wensley – CEO, Warranty Master
  2. Ryan Walsh – Chief Channel Officer, Pax8
  3. Joe Alapat – CEO & Founder, Liongard

Session 3: Establishing Trust in the New Normal

Featured Guests:

  1. Frank DeBenedetto – Founder, AudIT
  2. Dave Goldie – Vice President of Channel, Cytracom
  3. Andra Hedden – CMO, Marketopia
  4. Ted Roller – Channel Chief, ConnectBooster

Session 4: Leading & Accelerating through the Recovery

Featured Guests:

  1. Dennis O’Connell – Vice President, Taylor Business Group
  2. Tim Conkle – Founder, The 20
  3. Ted Roller – Channel Chief, Zomentum

If you want to join this virtual event, advance registration is necessary. Secure Your Spot at MVP GrowthFest by registering here.

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