Data Breaches at Cedar Springs Hospital, Travis County Health District And Konikoff Dental Associates

Cedar Springs Hospital based in Colorado Springs, CO is informing some patients regarding the loss of a portable storage unit that had their protected health information (PHI) last October 2020. The hospital gave a copy of a number of patient information stored on a portable storage device to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on their request for a research survey. Sadly, a Colorado health department surveyor lost the storage gadget.

The state health department’s policy necessitates the encryption of data saved on portable storage devices; but, Cedar Springs Hospital discovered on October 28, 2020 that the storage device wasn’t encrypted. Therefore, protected health information including names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, patient ID numbers, medical record numbers, diagnoses, treatment data, treatment location, treatment dates, treating doctor, and prescription details may likely be accessed by unauthorized persons.

An analysis of the files on the unit was concluded on November 9, 2020 and impacted people are currently being advised regarding the data breach. Additional safety measures are being put in place to avert any other similar incidences that compromise patient data.

Travis County Health District Cyberattack Explored

Central Health in Texas is checking out a cyberattack that affected Travis County Health District. On December 4, the provider noticed a security occurrence that involved the unauthorized access of a computer server. An investigation is now ongoing to know the severity and extent of the security breach, and if there was an exposure of PHI.

Forensic professionals were called in to examine the software application, hardware, and information impacted. At this time, it appears that there was no exposed worker or patient records. Additional data on the breach is going to be announced as soon as the investigation is over.

Konikoff Dental Associates Uncover Unauthorized Network Access

Konikoff Dental Associates, dba Konikoff Dental Associates Harbour View, found out that an unauthorized person got access to its computer system and likely seen or acquired patient records.

On October 11, 2020, Konikoff Dental Associates discovered suspicious activity on its network and without delay looked into the incident to find out the scope and nature of the security breach. With the assistance of third-party forensic experts, it was confirmed that unauthorized persons acquired access to some files on the system that comprised patient data.

According to the investigation, the breach transpired between September 18, 2020 and October 13, 2020. An evaluation of the files showed that they included names, addresses, patient account numbers, dental diagnoses and treatment details, billing data, dentists’ names, medical insurance details, and bank account numbers.

There was no report obtained concerning the improper use of patient data, and even though files were accessed, there was no distinct proof that implies the actual browsing or acquisition of patient information.

Konikoff Dental Associates already improved the HIPAA training of employees about data security and is performing an evaluation of system security. More safety measures will be enforced if required to boost security.

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