Connectria Launched Its Carbon Neutral Green Cloud

Connectria has unveiled the release of a carbon-neutral ‘green cloud’ in its North America and European Union data centers.

The brand-new green cloud is being offered to businesses using IBM i and VMware systems. Connectria used a new systems architecture at its innovative data centers to create the green cloud. Businesses using the new green cloud could lower their consumption of energy by as much as 95%.

Connectria mentioned that the energy consumption of data centers makes up 3% of worldwide energy consumption. By making data centers carbon neutral, it can considerably cut down energy consumption and support the effort of companies minimize their carbon footprint.

COO of Connectria, Rusty Putzler, stated that Connectria’s Amsterdam data center is turning out to be a good model of energy efficiency and sustainability. It is selected as a Leed Gold facility. The data center employs a mix of hydroelectric power and biomass, so it gets 100% of its energy from renewable energy sources. This is accomplished while continually making sure of its dependability for its clients.

Data centers produce a considerable amount of heat. To make sure that no energy is wasted, it is taken and employed to heat up facilities at the campus of the University of Amsterdam. Connectria states that the Amsterdam data center is known worldwide as a very energy-efficient data center. It allows the organization to offer a carbon-neutral footprint for IBM i and VMware clouds.

Connectria implements a “No Jerks Allowed” policy, which it uses on the personnel it hires and how they deal with their clients. This philosophy has already been used by the company. By making carbon-neutral VMware and IBM i Clouds, Connectria is accomplishing its role in taking care of our world, and not be jackasses.

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