The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) is the basis for the majority of privacy rules and mandatory data security practices currently in force in the U.S. healthcare industry. Businesses and organizations that have access to Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) are required to comply with HIPAA, whether they operate in the healthcare industry or not.

However, understanding what constitutes HIPAA compliance is not always straightforward. The legislation was written in a way to address the many potential uses of PHI and the many potential ways in which it can be disclosed. For some businesses and organizations, the apparent vague language of HIPAA makes complying with the legislation very complicated.

Our Primary Objective

The primary objective of Calculated HIPAA (“CalHIPAA”) is to be a go-to resource for information relating to HIPAA compliance. In order to achieve this objective, we aim to provide helpful advice in an unambiguous format that helps businesses and organizations better understand their compliance obligations and enables informed decisions about how to meet them.

Our “calculated approach to HIPAA compliance” has been designed to be easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to act upon. Our handy search engine will help businesses and organizations find most HIPAA-related topics and, where relevant, we provide links to various sources from where further advice can be found about specific areas of compliance.

Useful Reference Guides

In addition to providing access to HIPAA compliance information in plain English, we have also published several reference guides relating to HIPAA “Laws”, “Penalties”, and “Training”. These are updated as legislation is enacted that affects privacy and data security, as penalties for violating HIPAA are amended, and as new opportunities for compliance training become available.

However, CalHIPAA is not solely intended to be of interest to businesses and organizations embarking on their “HIPAA journey”. Experienced HIPAA-Covered Entities and Business Associates should also find our “Advice” pages of value to them, while our “News” and “Updates” pages report on the latest HIPAA enforcement actions and OCR-issued guidance.

More About Us

The team responsible for creating the site´s content has many years’ experience interpreting the language of HIPAA for Covered Entities, Business Associates, and technology companies offering solutions for the healthcare industry. We believe we have a full understanding of the legislation, and the skills to make it understandable for business and organizations unfamiliar with HIPAA.

Understanding what constitutes HIPAA compliance does not have to be complicated – nor does complying with the legislation itself. All that is required is an informative and understandable source of relevant information at your fingertips. That is what we aim to provide when we write content for Calculated HIPAA. We hope we have achieved that objective.