TigerConnect Offers Hospitals the Free Use of its Secure Communications Platform During the COVID-19 Pandemic

TigerConnect is the provider of the most popular secure healthcare communications platform in the USA. It declared its support for COVID-19 related communications during the coronavirus pandemic by allowing U.S. health systems and hospitals to use its platform for free.

TigerConnect is monitoring COVID-19 and its effect on the U.S. healthcare system. With the speedy spread of the virus, there has been a surge in the usage of its secure communications platform. The organization likewise reports that it is getting an escalating number of phone calls from clients seeking to expand licenses to be certain all employees get access to the platform to speed up external and internal communication and assist with the work of isolation.

The TigerConnect platform may be employed to set up specific channels for COVID-19 communications to give assistance to patients and healthcare team members. The platform makes certain that instant and quick communication of readiness plans, personnel schedules, guidelines on controlling infection and isolation practices, and other important details. Platform users can make contact with any individual within a healthcare system instantaneously even without knowing their phone number or extension.

TigerConnect feels that it is their sense of duty to make sure that the flow of information in the healthcare community keeps moving fast. It is important at this time to take away any barrier that may hinder organizations in their fight against COVID-19.

TigerConnect is offering hospitals and health systems that are not yet using its platform free use for 6 months of the TigerConnect secure texting network to support communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current customers will be given the expansion of TigerText Essentials licenses free of charge for up to 6 months. TigerConnect likewise announced the extension of its support hours. It will also publish resources and conduct webinars to guide present and new end-users to optimize the communications platform.

As seen in the European countries, which is currently the epicenter of the pandemic, the hospitals and health systems are stressed and having difficulties in coping with the volume of cases. Quick, enterprise-wide communication is crucial for stopping the propagation of the disease.

In Singapore, strict measures were enforced to stop the novel coronavirus spread. As of March 14, 200 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Singapore though there are no COVID-19 deaths. Managing the response to COVID-19 and making sure that resources are properly designated has been a big problem, however, one that has really helped is an effective communications system. The TigerConnect platform is being used by 55,000 healthcare specialists in Singapore. In the last three weeks, platform usage increased fivefold. Being ready and having the systems available is invaluable in handling fast and efficient communication about the outbreaks of disease.

It is apparent that identifying new incidents fast and sharing that info with major stakeholders is important to COVID-19containment and treatment. The mission of TigerConnect is to help companies eliminate the barriers that could reduce the responses on the frontlines of this health crisis.