Team Keep Receives the Hipaa Seal of Compliance Award

Compliancy Group has certified that Team Keep has passed the compliance requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Team Keep is a nonprofit company that offers a safe online document storage service for the homeless. Users of this service can store their identification documents to help them whenever applying for government services and assistance.

The homeless people often fail to get their benefits and/or apply for jobs because they lack identification documents. The aim of Team Keep application or is to do away with this hurdle and help people break free from the status of being homeless.

HIPAA is important to Team Keep since it is the federal requirement for safeguarding client data. It is essential that all Team Keep workforce understand these HIPAA standards and also exercise good prudence for the PHI of clients.

Because the service stores documents that consist of sensitive data, Team Keep must implement safety measures to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of that data. To make sure that proper privacy and security procedures were in place, and risks and vulnerabilities to sensitive information were determined and addressed, Team Keep sought the expert guidance of Compliancy Group.

Using Compliancy Group’s exclusive HIPAA technique and The Guard compliance tracking software program, Team Keep was able to make sure that its application along with its policies and procedures were consistent with HIPAA criteria.

Even if a Team Keep volunteer doesn’t perform any work directly associated with the application code, it is essential that the whole team goes through HIPAA training and keeps good security of their systems and workspaces. Considering the nature of the application, prompting the homeless to share their identification documents, it is vital for the site to be secure and that all Team Keep members are aware of the HIPAA standards just like those who can access client data.

After finishing Compliancy Group’s 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation procedure, Compliancy Group gave Team Keep the HIPAA Seal of Compliance. This award certifies that Team Keep has enforced an efficient HIPAA compliance program and is completely dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of sensitive information.