Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois Receives HIPAA Seal of Compliance

Sudden Infant Death Services (SIDS) of Illinois, Inc. has been certified as compliant with the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) Security and Privacy Rules, the Breach Notification Rules, and the HITECH Act.

SIDS of Illinois is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to preventing sudden, unexpected infant death. This is accomplished by means of conducting educational programs for families, medical experts, childcare providers, law enforcement, and the community. SIDS of Illinois additionally offers bereavement services to families and those who have suffered the misfortune of sudden, unexpected infant death.

Because of the sensitivity of the work performed by SIDS of Illinois, it is necessary to comply with the HIPAA rules when handling the types of data they collect, process, store, and transmit. It is additionally essential to prove its compliance by means of a HIPAA certification.

To make certain of adherence to all facets of HIPAA, SIDS of Illinois worked with Compliancy Group to obtain its HIPAA Seal of Compliance as validation of its dedication to compliance and the assurance of client data privacy and security.

Nancy Maruyama, RN, BSN, NCBF, Executive Director of SIDS of Illinois said that HIPAA Certification is very crucial to achieving the goal of its organization. Compliancy Group streamlines HIPAA compliance making sure that all of its employees can confidently give Infant Safe Sleep education and bereavement assistance to families who have suffered the death of an infant.

Compliancy Group has affirmed that SIDS of Illinois has effectively carried out the Compliancy Group’s 6 Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and Remediation process with the help of its compliance tracking software known as The Guard.

Maruyama further said that SIDS of Illinois is proud of its work and the services offered to all locals of Illinois. With the help of Compliancy Group’s specialists, SIDS of Illinois will stay HIPAA compliant and secure all sensitive data from and concerning its constituency. Compliancy Group mentors provide step-by-step guidance through the entire certification process. When it comes to getting certified as HIPAA Compliant, Compliancy Group is the entity that non-profit organizations can count on.

Immediately after the successful completion of the 6-stage compliance process, SIDS of Illinois received the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award from the Compliancy Group. This award show to customers, patients, and other people that SIDS of Illinois has an efficient HIPAA compliance program, which ensures the privacy and security of its clients’ sensitive information.