Solving the HIPAA Problem: Compliancy Group’s Demonstration of a Simplified HIPAA Compliance Process

It can be a challenging task to satisfy all of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security, Privacy, Omnibus, and Breach Notification Rules requirements.

A lot of healthcare providers have established a compliance program and assumed they were compliant. But they find out at the time of a HIPAA audit or compliance review that they were not compliant with at least one HIPAA provision. Those slipups can turn out to be really expensive.

Compliance problems could quickly result in a data breach or can bring about the filing of a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the key HIPAA compliance enforcer.

OCR looks into filed complaints and data breaches to decide if there are HIPAA Rules violated. It performs compliance reviews to evaluate if HIPAA covered entities and business associates of HIPAA covered entities are compliant with all facets of the HIPAA Rules.

The enforcement of HIPAA compliance has intensified in the past years. Covered entities and business associates paid OCR a total of $28,683,400 in financial penalties in connection with 11 enforcement actions in 2018 and 10 compliance investigations in 2019 that resulted in financial penalties.

Resolving HIPAA Compliance Problems
Compliancy Group is aware of the value of HIPAA compliance and the problems that HIPAA-covered entities and their business associates come across when striving to execute and retain an efficient compliance program.

To make the procedure of HIPAA compliance easier, Compliancy Group has created a software program that provides guidance to entities throughout their compliance process. The software program, called The Guard, streamlines all the things an organization should do to realize HIPAA compliance, minimize risk, and steer clear of financial penalties.

The Compliancy Group is going to host a webinar on March 25, 2020, that will present a group demonstration of how to use The Guard to make the HIPAA compliance process simple.

Sign up for the Compliancy Group’s webinar to be held on March 25th at 2:00 pm ET / 11 am PT and learn how their compliance coaches assist covered entities and business associates become HIPAA compliant and meet all federal regulation requirements.