Ruffian Software Receives HIPAA Seal of Compliance

The IT firm, Ruffian Software, Mauldin SC has finished the HIPAA compliance process designed by Compliancy Group and was affirmed as having enforced an efficient HIPAA compliance program.

Ruffian Software provides electronic privileged account management to protect the networks, systems, and information of managed IT companies and their customers. The company has created a platform for generating, handling, and protecting privileged accounts, which allows IT companies to easily achieve a safer, compliant, and effective security posture.

To show the firm’s dedication to HIPAA compliance, Ruffian Software worked with Compliancy Group. Using Compliancy Group’s tried and proven HIPAA compliance system, business associates like Ruffian Software can be sure to have enforced guidelines, practices, and procedures that totally comply with the requirements of the HIPAA Security, Privacy, Omnibus, Breach Notification Rules and the HITECH Act.

The compliance process may be complex, therefore Compliancy Group created its compliance tracking software program called The Guard. HIPAA-regulated entities can use the software to make sure no part of compliance is forgotten.

Ruffian Software utilized The Guard, and followed Compliancy Group’s system. Right after correctly undertaking the 6-Stage HIPAA risk analysis and remediation procedure, the firm’s honest effort toward HIPAA compliance was evaluated by the HIPAA subject matter specialists of Compliancy Group. Ruffian Software was certified as having enforced an efficient HIPAA compliance system and received the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award.

Martin White, the founder of Ruffian Software stated that getting this recognition represents an important milestone for Ruffian Software in continuing to demonstrate to its partners and clients its effort to maintain security and HIPAA compliance. The Compliancy Group team has been a key component in helping Ruffian Software thanks to their groundwork, insights, and guidance. The company is thankful for partnering with Compliancy Group and would be happy to collaborate in strengthening the channel to become safer and compliant.