RabbitSign Receives HIPAA Compliance Award for its Free e-Signing Solution

RabbitSign based in Palo Alto, CA. is now certified by Compliancy Group’s compliance specialists as providing a free-to-use, unlimited e-signing solution that is compliant with the HIPAA Rules.

RabbitSign was created at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a free e-signing tool for non-profits, companies, and government agencies. The company offering this solution does so to help and not just to increase revenue.

All software tools employed by HIPAA-covered organizations which access the protected health information (PHI) of people need to be HIPAA compliant. Given that this e-signing tool may be used in association with electronic PHI, HIPAA categorizes RabbitSign as a business associate in case HIPAA-covered entities use this solution.

In order to expand its userbase and enable HIPAA-covered entities to make use of its solution, RabbitSign worked with Compliancy Group. Using Compliancy Group’s HIPAA compliance system, RabbitSign took all the required actions to make sure it complies with the HIPAA Security, Privacy,
Breach Notification, the HITECH Act, and Omnibus Rules. The company’s development toward HIPAA compliance was monitored utilizing Compliancy Group’s The Guard, an HIPAA compliance tracking software program.

By means of that system, which entailed a 6-step risk analysis and remediation plan, RabbitSign showed its honest effort toward achieving HIPAA compliance. The company received the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award, which shows to present and future end-users of the program that the company is determined to make sure to protect ePHI and has put in place an efficient HIPAA compliance plan.

Founder & CEO Stanley Zhong of RabbitSign states that free HIPAA-compliant e-signing is a high-demand service among its users. RabbitSign has developed it as a result of the COVID situation so as to reduce the price of e-signing to zero for as many companies, government entities, and nonprofits as possible. Offering a free HIPAA-compliant e-signing service is how RabbitSign helps reduce healthcare expenses in the United States. Compliancy Group is a critical partner for making that come about.

Compliancy Group’s Charlotte Barenz, VP of Implementation, applauses RabbitSign for its successful fulfillment of Compliancy Group’s Implementation Program, demonstrating their honest efforts to attain HIPAA Compliance and making them stand out in the e-signing business.