Kleva Health Inc. Receives the HIPAA Seal of Compliance Award

Compliancy Group has reported that Kleva Health Inc. has an appropriate HIPAA compliance program in place and is satisfying the prerequisites of the HIPAA Rules.

Kleva Health as a digital health technology firm offers a selection of digital health products to individuals and their family members, such as saliva-based COVID-19 testing.

Because Kleva Health’s products and services access protected health information (PHI), safety measures must be put in place to ensure that PHI-secure policies and guidelines are implemented and observed to protect the privacy of PHI.

COO and Founder of Kleva Health, Kai Lim stated that the company gives paramount importance to maintaining its customer’s confidence in its brand and platform. Therefore, it is maintaining the strictest criteria for protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of its customers’ healthcare data.

To make sure that the company and its employees were totally compliant with all aspects of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Kleva Health worked with the Compliancy Group.

Kleva Health followed Compliancy Group’s established HIPAA compliance system and monitored its progress employing Compliancy Group’s exclusive compliance tracking software program known as The Guard. After going through the 6-stage risk analysis and remediation process of Compliancy Group, Compliancy Group’s HIPAA subject matter professionals evaluated Kleva Health’s hard work when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

Kleva Health was proven to be compliant with the regulatory requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule, Privacy Rule, Breach Notification Rule, the HITECH Act, and the Omnibus Rule. Thus, Compliancy Group granted Kleva Health the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award.

The HIPAA Seal of Compliance shows that a company is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of healthcare information and has put in place an efficient HIPAA compliance program.

Getting a HIPAA Seal of Compliance proves Kleva Health’s ideals and responsibility to protect not just customers’ health, but their personal privacy as well.