KLAS Research Reports the Contribution of Clinical Communication Platforms in Enhancing Efficiency in Healthcare

KLAS just released its 2021 Clinical Communication Platform Report, which pointed out the contribution of clinical communication platforms in boosting efficiency in healthcare, improved communication throughout many areas of hospitals, and the resulting tangible outcomes, with developments to clinical communication as the greatest benefit.

KLAS Research is a company based in Utah that gives information and ideas into health information technology (HIT) that aids healthcare companies determine HIT solutions that will give vital benefits and an excellent ROI. KLAS gathers information on HIT solutions, such as from healthcare market reports, web pages, and responses from healthcare experts that are employing HIT at work. KLAS assesses the information, determines major trends and insights, and creates reports on the discoveries of its research studies. The researchers additionally consult with management teams at vendors to enable them to enhance their HIT solutions according to user responses to allow them to provide better results.

For its most recent Clinical Communication Platform Report, KLAS researchers made a profile of a few of the most revolutionary and advanced vendors in the industry whose solutions are providing very helpful benefits in healthcare. The researchers also surveyed the users of clinical communication platforms who gave their comments regarding the solutions they have used.

TigerConnect, the United States’ top clinical communication platform provider, was acknowledged for its ownership of the biggest base of acute care clients and for the benefit that its clinical communication platform provided. Responses from healthcare experts that make use of the platform stated it has resulted in better efficiency for clinical support employees and enhanced nurse and patient approval and care by means of prompt, effective communication.

The major benefits healthcare delivery organizations have received by utilizing the TigerConnect platform are enhanced response times by the doctor, greater transparency into patient teams and itineraries, and greater physician productivity satisfaction with fewer call disruptions and much simpler communication access. TigerConnect customers said the solution has granted better patient team cooperation when it comes to patient transportation, bed management, and environmental solutions, greater access to and the safe sharing of patient information, more effective outpatient and clinics care, and a decrease in readmissions, fewer mistakes, and a quicker crash team response.

The solution was remarkably lauded for simplicity of use along with business contracting, which permits easy rollouts by countless diverse user groups to attain effective communication throughout the organization.

One TigerConnect user remarked that TigerConnect’s solution has enhanced communication among their nurses, providers, and management. Texting somebody in administration is possible without needing to know the individual’s phone number. The solution also allows using a do not disturb mode, such as when nurses or physicians are engaged with patients. They can later obtain the information from the system and respond to that information.

This 2021 TigerConnect has made available major feature improvements according to customer responses, and the company has additionally made important investments of on-call doctor scheduling and sophisticated middleware solutions, expanding the functionality of its platform significantly.

The KLAS report remarks that TigerConnect has made possible the vision to make hospitals deliver more flexible care.