HIPAAtizer.com Receives HIPAA Seal of Compliance Award

HIPAATizer.com offers web developers its all-in-one WordPress plugin and form builder to create HIPAA-compliant websites.
It has received its certification of compliance with all criteria of the HIPAA Regulations that are applicable to business associates of HIPAA-covered entities.

When HIPAA-covered entities include forms on their web pages to record the protected health information (PHI) of individuals, it is necessary for the entity to make sure the compliance of their web forms with the HIPAA requirements. The reason for creating HIPAATizer.com was to make it simple for web designers to build HIPAA compliant websites.

Lead developer Wes Perevalov explained that whenever they worked on some websites for covered entities, they had to make sure that each site is HIPAA compliant. To do so, they had to work from scratch and write lots of code. But with the solution offered by HIPAAtizer, it becomes easy nowadays for covered entities and their designer partners to build HIPAA compliant websites. HIPAAtizer, with its HIPAA-compliant WordPress plugin and pre-installed form creator, is a one of a kind solution for covered entities and web designers.

Because the web forms of HIPAATizer.com collect protected health information, HIPAA categorizes the company as a business associate. To make sure of its complete compliance with the HIPAA Policies, HIPAAtizer.com staff members went through training. It implemented policies and protocols and conducted an organization-wide risk analysis and remediation procedure.

Using Compliancy Group’s HIPAA compliance program, HIPAATizer.com monitored its development using The Guard, the exclusive HIPAA compliance software program of Compliancy Group. After finishing that program and showing that all essential steps were completed to abide by the HIPAA Policies, the company received the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award from Compliancy Group.

The HIPAA Seal of Compliance award shows to present and potential clients the commitment of HIPAATizer.com to maintain its compliance with the HIPAA Regulations, which allows the organization to make a distinction of its services.