Daisee Receives the HIPAA Seal of Compliance

The Compliancy Group has certified Daisee, a speech and sentiment analytics software company, as having an efficient HIPAA compliance program.

Daisee is an acronym that stands for Deep Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Ecosystem. The company was established in 2017 and has worldwide operations including in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. It is recognized all over the world as the leader in the field of AI-driven speech and sentiment analytics. It’s top product is the solution it developed to provide automated quality client interactions management to know what clients are actually thinking, saying, and feeling. The company’s versatile solution may be used via any telephone system.

The solution has the special capability to automatically assess and dynamically rates 100% of client interactions determining problems that demand human input. This is accomplished by using a patent-pending, programmed, digital quality scorecard system on the most essential components of every interaction.

When U.S. healthcare companies use the solution, it is likely that it accesses PHI, which makes Daisee operate in the same way as a business associate. Therefore, it must adhere to the requirements set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

To make sure Daisee was 100 % compliant with the relevant provisions of the HIPAA Regulations, the company sought the services of Compliance Group. Using Compliancy Group’s The Guard, a compliance tracking software solution, and Implementation Program, Daisee was able to make sure it complies with the regulatory specifications that cover the privacy, security, and integrity of sensitive healthcare information.

After going through the HIPAA compliance program, Daisee’s honest efforts to be HIPAA compliant was evaluated and recognized when Compliancy Group awarded to the company the HIPAA Seal of Compliance. This award shows to present and future clients of Daisee that it is dedicated to making sure the security and privacy of PHI.

Founder and CEO of Daisee Richard Kimber stated the delight of the company to be certified as HIPAA compliant, which shows its commitment to maintaining the privacy and integrity of data. This is a major requirement for its revolutionary technology to sustain its world-class solutions for Quality Management by using the most up-to-date A.I. technologies.