Compliancy Group Webinar Features The Guard Software Demo for HIPAA Compliance Support

Compliancy Group is going to host a webinar on November 20, 2019 at 14:00 ET. The webinar will feature a group demonstration of how to use The Guard, its software solution to HIPAA compliance.

The event is going to give participants the chance to know more regarding the advantage of using The Guard to simplify HIPAA compliance and how it could support an organization in meeting all the requirements of the HIPAA Security, Privacy, Breach Notification Laws, and the Omnibus Rules.

The Guard is an exclusive software solution for streamlining compliance with HPAA Rules. It tackles all areas of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to satisfy the requirements. The concept behind the software is the “Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain” methodology of the Compliancy Group. The functionality of the software is not just to help covered entities and business associates create a compliance plan, but to ensure the continuity of compliance. By streamlining the compliance procedure, it’s possible for covered entities and business associates to concentrate on managing their businesses and processes.

The Guard includes user-friendly training and support from the compliance coaches of Compliancy Group in addition to the HIPAA assessments on the following aspects: device audits, privacy, security, and physical, administrative, and technical safety controls. After finishing the 6-step risk analysis and risk remediation process with success, clients receive the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award from Compliancy Group. The covered entity and business associates likewise get support in the following: incident response and breach notice assistance, business associate administration and monitoring of all vendors/providers, and data breach and HIPAA audit assistance.

Vendors may use The Guard if they are seeking to begin offering products and services to healthcare customers. This is to first make sure they are completely HIPAA compliant. The software solution is going to help business associates and covered entities to make sure their full submission to a complete Office for Civil Rights’ compliance audit.

To find out more about the Compliancy Group software demonstration and webinar, you can go to this page: Solving the HIPAA Problem: Group Demonstration of The Guard HIPAA Compliance Solution