Compliancy Group Confirms the HIPAA Compliance of SAR Technology Group

SAR Technology Group has achieved HIPAA compliance following its completion of the proprietary 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process of Compliancy Group.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulatory requirements ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of healthcare information and safety of patient privacy.

Vendors providing services to healthcare clients need to make sure they are completely compliant with HIPAA regulations. However, satisfying all of the HIPAA requirements can be challenging. There is additionally no margin for making a mistake. High penalties may be charged on business associates in case they are discovered as not compliant with any facet of HIPAA.

When the SAR Technology Group entered the healthcare field it soon discovered that it was essential to attain HIPAA compliance internally. The group’s original plan was to undergo the process themselves without outside help. However, it became obvious that this was not achievable since they didn’t have enough expertise and information to work around the challenging HIPAA laws. After doing extensive inquiry on businesses offering HIPAA compliance services, and communicating with some, SAR Technology selected Compliancy Group because their solution was definitely the most thorough and simple to use and takes the end-user into consideration.

Compliancy Group has created a proprietary HIPAA compliance monitoring system called The Guard that healthcare organizations can employ to guide them in generating an efficient HIPAA compliance plan. The Guard streamlines the compliance procedure and makes certain that no part of HIPAA is overlooked. The compliance coaches of Compliancy Group are likewise available to assist companies with their compliance projects and respond to any queries they have regarding any facet of HIPAA law.

Compliancy Group made the process easier and best of all offered a solution to an issue that was affordable and truly achievable. After administering an efficient compliance program, the compliance experts of Compliancy Group evaluated the good faith efforts of the SAR Technology Group to adhere to HIPAA. After validating that all areas of HIPAA laws were amply satisfied, Compliancy Group awarded to SAR Technology Group its Seal of Compliance.

The Seal of Compliance enables the SAR Technology Group to get new clients and grow its products and services to healthcare companies. The group has merged the services Compliancy Group provides with a full and extensive suite of IT services that satisfy and exceed the HIPAA requirements, enhancing Compliancy Group’s offering of Compliance-as-a-Service with an add-on of IT-as-a-service.