Compliancy Group Certifies Posted as HIPAA-Compliant

Posted, a company offering AI-driven tools to relieve the management burden on healthcare companies, received certification from Compliancy Group that it has implemented an efficient HIPAA compliance program.

Posted offers services to healthcare companies including predictive analysis, price visibility, and medical billing and claims. As such, Posted naturally gets access to the company’s database of patients’ protected health information (PHI). With the classification of a business associate, Posted is covered by HIPAA and must employ safety measures to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of PHI. It needs to comply with tight guidelines to protect patient privacy and also provide IT services and assistance for its covered entity customers.

To make sure no part of the complicated HIPAA Security, Privacy, Breach Notification Rules, HITECH Act and Omnibus Rules was disregarded, Posted sought Compliancy Group’s help.

Privacy isn’t only a compliance requirement, it is Posted’s business value. Posted works to get medical practices compensated in 24 hours by handling insurance claims information, the patient benefits details, and other PHI. The highest confidence of customers is important, therefore Posted takes security and privacy of information particularly seriously, as per Posted CEO Alok Kothari.

Compliancy Group has developed a HIPAA compliance system that HIPAA-covered entities and business associates could go along with to make sure they are completely HIPAA compliant. The way toward achieving compliance is monitored using Compliancy Group’s exclusive software program called The Guard.

Posted adopted that system, which consists of a 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation program. Afterward, the HIPAA compliance subject matter experts of Compliancy Group evaluated Posted’s compliance plan and confirmed its honest effort toward achieving HIPAA compliance. Because Posted successfully completed the program, Compliancy Group awarded the HIPAA Seal of Compliance to the company.

With the HIPAA Seal of Compliance, Posted had shown its commitment to protecting the privacy and security of healthcare information, its implementation of HIPAA-compliant guidelines and procedures, and its current HIPAA compliance plan. The HIPAA Seal of Compliance allows organizations like Posted to stand out and demonstrate that they are wholly dedicated to HIPAA compliance.