Compliancy Group Certifies MyWoundDoctor Inc. as HIPAA Compliant

MyWoundDoctor Inc. has been certified by Compliancy Group as having a good HIPAA compliance plan and is dedicated to making sure that all electronic protected health information (ePHI) recorded and sent by its telehealth mobile application are private and secure.

MyWoundDoctor was established in 2015 by Dr. Nick Sieveking, who is a board-certified, plastic surgeon from Nashville, TN and trained in Stanford. The company designed a user-friendly telehealth mobile app that enables patients and their caregivers to capture photos of wounds and send them to doctors and licensed wound care nurses.

MyWoundDoctor provides doctors, health plans, and patients with built-in and low-cost telehealth wound care programs and services, using the mobile app for wound care supervision and giving healthcare advice to patients and/or caregivers. MyWoundDoctor is recognized in over 42 States for wound treatment via telehealth services.

MyWoundDoctor records measurements of wounds, demographic data and clinical information of the patient, thus it is categorized as a business associate as per HIPAA and it needs to make sure to secure ePHI at all times and protect patient privacy.

MyWoundDoctor is created to give first-class wound care to patients and caregivers who require a progressive, cost-efficient method of wound care. It is the company’s top priority to assist patients to get treatment in a safe and secure way. In order to secure patient PHI, HIPAA compliance is considered in every decision made. With the growth of the telehealth industry, HIPAA compliance also becomes even more important, explained MyWoundDoctor. In helping treat patient’s wounds, it is MyWoundDoctor’s desire that its patients and providers feel assured that it takes good care of PHI and always makes an effort to be HIPAA compliant.

To make sure that MyWoundDoctor and its program and services are completely HIPAA compliant, it sought the help of Compliancy Group. MyWoundDoctor used Compliancy Group’s established HIPAA compliance program and compliance tracking software program called The Guard. After finishing the 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process of Compliancy Group, MyWoundDoctor’s honest effort to achieve HIPAA compliance has been acknowledged by the HIPAA subject matter experts of Compliancy Group. MyWoundDoctor already received the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award.

Through the HIPAA Seal of Compliance, MyWoundDoctor is able to demonstrate its commitment to protecting the privacy and security of healthcare information and proves that it has an efficient HIPAA compliance program in place.

MyWoundDoctor states that it strives to give comfort to its patients/care providers. Comfort is achieved by means of having the best wound care practices; a cost-efficient wound care solution; and a well-secured PHI and ePHI through MyWoundDoctor’s HIPAA compliant business. Thanks to Compliancy Group’s professional solution and well-structured The Guard platform, MyWoundDoctor has saved many hours by adopting its cost-effective approach at achieving HIPAA compliance.