Compliancy Group Certified Adstream as HIPAA Compliant

Compliancy Group has declared the full compliance of Adstrem, a global advertising technology, and services provider, with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Group also confirms its effective HIPAA compliance plan.

Adstream assists brands and agencies to generate, optimize, save, and send out content. The Adstream system is an all-in-one digital asset control and ad delivery program that connects to social media networks, publishers, and broadcasters. Over 6,000 agencies, brand names, and corporations utilize Adstream’s cloud-based software program to see the complete marketing process, from creation to circulation. The ad distribution network is the biggest of its kind and consists of over 100,000 media destinations in more than 140 nations.

Adstream wished to broaden its client base and begin servicing healthcare companies. To be able to do so, the company must first execute policies, procedures, and safety measures to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of healthcare information and satisfy the accountabilities under HIPAA being a business associate.

To make its way towards HIPAA compliance simpler, Adstream joined with Compliancy Group. Adstream used Compliancy Group’s Six Stage Implementation Program and monitored its development by using The Guard, Compliancy Group’s exclusive HIPAA compliance software program.

Subsequent to finishing the risk analysis and remediation procedure of Compliancy Group, Adstream satisfactorily showed that it meets its obligations under HIPAA and was found to be completely compliant with the requirements of the HIPAA Security, Privacy, Omnibus, and Breach Notification Rules. Therefore, Compliancy Group granted Adstream the HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

Adstream likes to show its seriousness in protecting client information that is why it pursued HIPAA compliance, according to Mark Smith, Adstream’s NA Sales General Manager. HIPAA certification likewise shows Adstream’s dedication to realizing and responding to clients’ needs. Compliancy Group was a big help in the achievement of its HIPAA certification. The services of Compliancy Group will continue to play a big role in the provision of services to its healthcare customers in the future.