Center for Counseling & Family Relationships Receives HIPAA Seal of Compliance

The Center for Counseling & Family Relationships (CCFAM) is a big group counseling private practice centered in Fort Worth, TX, which was recently reported as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant after finishing the 6-Stage HIPAA risk analysis and remediation process the Compliancy Group.

CCFAM used Compliancy Group’s The Guard, an exclusive HIPAA compliance tracking software program with the help of its compliance coaches to demonstrate that its policies and procedures are consistent with HIPAA and that CCFAM implements an efficient HIPAA compliance program.

CCFAM had only one counselor and office staff when it was established in 2007. Now, it has become a big practice providing much over 1,000 sessions per month. CCFAM takes seriously the privacy and confidentiality of the children, teens, and older people that the organization serves.

CCFAM is currently compliant with the Texas licensure board rules just as the company made every effort to be HIPAA compliant. Dr. Rhonda Johnson, the CCFAM owner, acknowledged the simple fact that employees’ HIPAA training hadn’t changed a lot since 5 years ago, although the company had become significantly bigger through the years. The private practice now has sizeable administrative personnel and counselors with various expertise.

Dr. Johnson explained that as the owner of the Center for Counseling & Family Relationships, she is also in-charge of CCFAM Training, which provides mental health experts with CEUs. She saw the necessity for a HIPAA, Telehealth, and PCI Compliance continuing education training in her field. While developing and preparing the training, she saw a Compliancy Group video which she used in the CEU training she developed. She contacted the Compliancy Group to determine what made them different than what she used.

CCFAM needed a service that will help the practice make sure it remained HIPAA compliant using a more comprehensive, hands-on solution.

Dr. Johnson decided to go with the Compliancy Group after hearing how Compliancy Group started, not to mention their aspiration to provide efficient training for small businesses, step by step process, and coaching them until being granted the HIPAA Seal of Compliance. Dr. Johnson attests to its thorough and exhaustive process covering every facet of HIPAA compared to other HIPAA assistance service.

CCFAM successfully completed the 6-stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process and got the Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance. This award proves CCFAM’s hard work to achieve HIPAA compliance and the company’s efficient HIPAA compliance program.

The Seal of Compliance shows to present and future customers the commitment of CCFAM to protecting patient privacy and implementing proper safety measures to secure patient data.