Canary Global Inc. Receives HIPAA Seal of Compliance Award

Compliancy Group certifies Canary Global Inc. as having a good HIPAA compliance program setup.

Canary Global Inc. is a medical technology firm that has created a selection of revolutionary medical devices, software programs, and services, which include a diagnostics system for early detection of disease, an AI-powered analysis software program for forecasting disease risk, and a software program for running and sharing test data. Canary uses its nano-sensor technology and risk-free platforms to detect medical conditions, define the nature and site of cancers, and foresee and keep track of responses to treatment.

The medical devices and software program created by Canary Global Inc. uses electronic protected health information (ePHI), therefore the provider is categorized as a business associate according to HIPAA. And so Canary Global Inc. needs to follow data security standards of the HIPAA Security Rule and have privacy guidelines that abide by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

To make sure the organization and its products and services were completely in compliance with the standards of the HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, the HITECH Act, and the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, Canary Global Inc. sought the help of Compliancy Group and used its exclusive HIPAA compliance strategy.

Canary Global Inc. implemented the system and monitored its progress utilizing Compliancy Group’s compliance tracking software program called The Guard. After finishing a 6-Stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process, Compliancy’ Group’s HIPAA compliance specialists verified that Canary Global has achieved HIPAA compliance and therefore received the HIPAA Seal of Compliance award.

With a HIPAA Seal of Compliance, a company demonstrates that it has put in place a good HIPAA compliance program and is dedicated to making sure that PHI privacy and security are protected.

As a medical device firm, Canary Global serves the community in the healthcare industry. The definition of HIPAA (45 CFR §160.103) categorizes Canary Health Technologies as a Business Associate. This requires Canary Global Inc. to adhere to security and privacy guidelines set by HIPAA. The company is determined to protect and secure the ePHI that is documented while giving IT service and support for the diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions.